Termrec is a program for recording "videos" of terminal output. If you already know ttyrec, nh-recorder or Joey Hess' script/replay, it's something of the kind.

Version 0.18

TODO: update Windows version Download Win32 binaries Download source git


The player.

There are currently no command-line options; you can only specify the file to play as the only argument.

In the win32 client,the slider on the left allows you to seek to a specific point, while the one on the right lets you manipulate the speed.

Keyboard controls:

(win32) O
open a file
+, F
make it faster
-, S
make it slower
return the speed to 1.0
(Unix) enter
advance by a single frame
/ / PgDn
rewind by 10sec / 1min / 10min
/ / PgUp
skip 10sec / 1min / 10min
rewind to the beginning
quit program

Console recorder. Allows you to capture the output of a console program.

Usage: termrec [-f format] [-e command] [file]
-f, --format X        set output format to X (-f whatever for the list)
-e, --exec X          execute command X instead of spawning a shell
-h, --help            show an usage message
If no filename is given, a name will be generated using the current date and the given format.
If no format is given, it will be set according to the extension of the filename, or default to .ttyrec.bz2 if nothing is given.
You can specify compression by appending .gz or .bz2 to the file name.

termrec -e nethack

A TELNET proxy. Will capture the session to a file.

You can also use it to watch/debug a network program. For example, to debug a http server, you'll do:

proxyrec -l 8080 your.server 80
then browse on port 8080.

Takes one of more ttyrecs. Measures their lengths. Prints that.

Copies a ttyrec, possibly converting it to a different format and/or combining several ttyrecs together.

T2T proxy:

If you want to create ttyrec recordings of telnet sessions, here's a boxed installer, configured for use with the Two Towers.
Just run the Download installer, let it add itself to the Windows StartUp folder, then point your client at localhost port 9999. Then, just play as if there was no proxy around. The log footage is compressed to about 2MB per day of character age, so you can just leave the proxy running -- and it will get swapped out to the disk when not used, so there is no memory loss.

When you'll have a memorable action you would want to post, run Programs|termrec|Log viewer, mark the start and end of the relevant part and click Export -- you'll be able to choose between saving the log as ttyrec, ANSI or RealLogs.

Logs cannot be opened while you're still logging. For now, just quit or go linkdead; in the future I may come up with a taskbar icon you can click or some other gizmo.

In case of problems, you may submit a bug report.